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> Summer vacation in Germany
> Summer vacation in Turkey
> Amanda's 16th birthday party
> Graduation day at Berntstorffsminde Boarding School
> Amanda's pre-birthday in Copenhagen
> Girlz weekend in Copenhagen
> Gala Night at BE (Feb '10)
> Amanda and BE's skiing trip (Jan '10)
> Winter holiday in Prien am Chiemsee (Feb '10)
> Visiting Dagbjört in Iceland (Apr '09)

> Amandas fødselsdag med veninderne
> Lotus Super Seven 1972
> Rolls Royce Corniche
> Amandas konfirmation
> Et smut til Hawaii
> Påske i New York og på Yale
> Hundepåskeferie i Tversted
> cars - opdateret - nu med fotos!
> Nytår hos Jette & Hans-Henrik
> Jul på Markvangen
> Pludselig døde verdens bedste mormor...
> Weekend i Düsseldorf
> Weekend i København

18. november 2007
> Svend 57 år (apr. 2007)
> Weekend hos Bendixens (apr. 2007)
> Weekend i Düsseldorf (apr. 2007)
> Nytårsaften i Grejs (dec. 2006)
> Julefest i Dojo'en (dec. 2006)

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Welcome to the homepage of It used to be the family website of Amanda, Anni & Svend Søborg. We are no longer living as a family, but we're still very good friends, and will continue to update this website in order to share news and good stories on our where-abouts and doings.   

We still love to travel, and you can read more about our experiences if you follow the link to 'vacations & travel'.

And we have an ever-growing family tree, and thus birthdays, parties and fun events to attend to. Read more about this by clicking the 'events' button.

And you can still find news about Svends hobby - click on 'cars' to read more.

Best regards from
the Søborgs

Some pages requires a login. Please, write an email to anni(AT) to require a password, thanks. 

P.P.S.: Pages older than 2010 is only found in Danish, sorry!.


Det er sommer!

It's summer again...

front page cars vacations & travel events who are we? links

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